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Custom Cartography Companies

A listing follows of NACIS members with commercial ventures that specialize in producing maps for clients. They welcome contacts from people who would like to contract with them to make maps.

See the NACIS list of University Cartography Laboratories for additional listings.

Cartographers are listed in the order received. NACIS members who would like to update, add, or remove their custom cartography listings may contact Tanya Buckingham,

If you would like to be added to our list and are not yet a member of the North American Cartographic Information Society, we heartily invite you to join us. Please see membership information here.


Neil Allen, Cartography Director
Benchmark Maps
724 South Central Avenue, Suite 211
Medford, Oregon 97501
tel: (541) 772-6965

Benchmark Maps' cartographers have been building outstanding, award-winning maps for the past several decades. We are a small company, located in beautiful southern Oregon. Our staff of cartographers take pride in their credentials and skills in working to create some of the finest maps of the day.

The cartographers are perhaps known best for working on Raven maps and Benchmark Road and Recreation atlases of western states. We also build maps for a number of government agencies, energy companies, and a diverse client list which includes architects, city planners, book publishers, 3D model makers, and--a fine compliment--other cartographers.


Martin von Wyss
vW Maps, Inc.
PO Box 321
Richmond, VIC 3121
tel: (03) 9421 4291
email: mvw [at] vwmaps [dot] com

vW Maps, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in map design for print, animated and interactive products for television, web pages and CD-ROM products.


Daan Strebe
2111 Olympia Avenue NE
Renton, WA 98056
tel: (425) 793-0880
fax: (425) 793-0881

Mapthematics: Map projection design and consultation; small-scale base maps on exotic or custom projections; transforming maps from one projection to another.


Robert Woolley
Blue Planet Graphics
120 Tiverton Ct
Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: 717-273-2047
Fax: 717-769-4494

Blue Planet Graphics was founded by Robert Woolley, Project Manager for 17 years with MapQuest Publishing. Providing the highest quality street and locator maps for Directory Publishers, Travel Publishers, and Chambers of Commerce.


Dennis McClendon, Design Director
Chicago CartoGraphics

899 South Plymouth 1103
Chicago  60605
tel: (312) 322-0900

Chicago CartoGraphics is a design firm specializing in well-designed maps for publication; clients range from book publishers to real estate developers to transit agencies.


Alex Tait, Chief Cartographer &
Director of Business Development
International Mapping Associates
(including Equator Graphics, Inc.)
5300 Dorsey Hall Road, Suite 201
Ellicott City, MD 21042
tel: (443) 367-0050 x231
or toll free (800) 761-6944

International Mapping Associates provides custom mapmaking services for print and electronic publishing. We have complete research, design and production capabilities to create maps and information graphics for travel guides, textbooks, atlases, magazines, CD-ROMs, web sites, and other media.


Valerie Krejcie
Cartographic Consultants
4020 West Kirk Street
Skokie, IL 60076
tel: (847) 677-1881

Cartographic Consultants provides geographic research, map compilation and design specializing in map editing for the educational market. We have an extensive library of reference sources and experience with publishers in designing curriculum materials and providing editorial direction.


Ev Wingert
Pacific Mapping
Honolulu, Hawaii

Pacific Mapping offers general map design and production; specializing in terrain representation for visualization of landscapes for hiking, skiing, and other illustrative purposes. Ev has an extensive portfolio in research illustration and policy atlas work, and broad field experience in GPS, primary data collection, revision work, and data verification. Sample work available electronically.


Steve Davies, Marketing Manager
Mapping Specialists, Ltd.
3000 Cahill Main, Suite 220

Fitchburg, WI 53711

tel: (608) 274-4004
fax: (608) 274-9689

Mapping Specialists is a company built on honesty, professionalism, efficiency, trust, cooperation, and experience. We provide quality cartographic services and products in a profitable, customer-oriented manner for both print and electronic media. For almost thirty years, we have been specializing in thematic and street mapping for a wide variety of clients. We also offer print on demand large-format plotter services and laminating. We produce and distribute the most accurate local road atlases and wall maps. In addition, MSL's very unique 3-D Lake Maps® give our retail customers a view of what is hidden below the surface of over 150 water bodies in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Steven Holloway
toMake Studio
108 N Stevens St.
Chewelah, WA 99109

I have decided to stop and listen directly to the place. Direct-Contact maps in performance & editions, printed using matrix of lithography, relief, silk screen, digital and monoprinting by mapmaker and human creative Steven R Holloway. Must a map always be a map?


Michael Scisco
W. Zia Road, #9205
Santa Fe, NM 87505
t: 505-603-3636

BioGeoCreations offers comprehensive and affordable mapping services to the not-for-profit and small business communities. We understand that running an efficient and successful organization requires frugality, creativity, flexibility, and reliable resources. We can help tell your story in an effective, accurate, and proficient manner. Our specialties include natural resource mapping and GIS conservation design services. If you can imagine it, we can map it!


Larry Orman, Exec. Director
GreenInfo Network
564 Market Street, Suite 510
San Francisco CA 94104
tel: 415-979-0343

Specializing in information and mapping support for public interest organizations, GreenInfo Network is a non-profit founded in 1996. We work primarily in GIS on projects ranging from child care supply and demand to ecoregional planning, and usually have 20-40 projects active at any one time. While we have broad capabilities in GIS and database development and analysis, we are most known for our compelling visual style and our emphasis on thoroughly understanding a client's communication needs up front.

Our technical platform is mostly ESRI ArcGIS, supplemented by a variety of illustration software as needed. We also have the capacity to prepare and publish mapping that takes advantage of new web-based tools. Each of our maps is a unique product and we take the time to ensure that it reflects a compatible image of our client, as well as being a highly effective piece of graphic and cartographic design. We welcome inquiries from non-profits, public agencies, universities and from private companies working on public interest project.


Jim Blakeslee (President)
8070 Georgia Ave, #204
Silver Spring, MD 20910
office: (301) 960-4724
mobile: (301) 442-2218

Geocentric is a specialty software and services company that creates custom maps and interactive map applications. We specialize in database driven, web based maps and localized search results for destination marketing and tourism. However, we also perform traditional GIS and Cartography work, such as GIS analysis and map design, for a wide variety of purposes.


Michael James Hermann
Purple Lizard Publishing

Michael James Hermann is an award winning cartographic designer. He has a broad range of experience with recreational maps, street maps, campus maps, signage and wayfinding, interpretive media, information design, environmental design, maps and graphics for books and journals, atlas design, historical and educational cartography for private and non-profit organizations. He has worked as a cartographer, publisher, editor, designer, writer and photographer. Michael is the senior cartographer for the University of Maine Canadian-American Center (part-time) and works (the rest of the time) as a consultant and freelance designer. He self-publishes maps of Central Pennsylvania for the retail market and creates custom cartography for clients nationwide. Purple Lizard was founded by Mike Hermann in 1997.


Laura McCormick
XNR Productions Inc.
931 E. Main St., Suite 10
Madison, WI 53716
tel: (608) 663-4600

XNR Productions specializes in producing custom maps for publishers of textbooks, travel guides, reference materials, CD-ROMs, and internet applications. We offer a full range of services in cartography and illustration, including research/compilation, design, production, and editing.


Larry Bowring
Bowring Cartographic
258 North Park Drive
Arlington, VA 22203-2638
tel: (703) 527-7828

Bowring Cartographic has provided custom map design services for the publishing industry, business community, and government since 1976. Products include thematic maps and locator maps for print, web-optimized maps, museum exhibit graphics, and wayfinding systems, at scales ranging from local to international.


Bryan Conant
Director of Mapping Services
120 Cremona Dr #H
Goleta, CA
(805) 685-3100 x128 has been a leading provider of mapping products and solutions for business, education, and consumer markets since 1991. We specialize in creating accurate, aesthetically pleasing street maps, travel maps, and textbook maps for a variety of clients and agencies. While our focus is on these map genres we are capable of creating just about any style or scope of cartographic project. In addition to custom cartography, also offers services such as Classified Concepts ( and Maps101 ( Our company of 35 employees is located 10 miles west of picturesque Santa Barbara, CA  if you happen to be in the neighborhood please feel free to stop by and pay us a visit.


Robert F. Dahl
Cartesia Software
80 Lambert Lane, Suite 100
Lambertville, NJ 08530
tel: (609) 397-1611
fax: (609) 397-5724

Map Resources provides the world's largest collection of fully editable maps (globes, continents, states, cities) for design professionals. Files are available online or on CD.


Mike Kirchoff
312 Wewoka Lane
Loudon, TN 37774
tel : (865) 458-4884

Cartographer-Online specializes in maps and graphics for scholarly publications, tourism, general interest, and the
World Wide Web. All publication sizes and formats are available including print, animated graphics, internet web sites, and CD-ROM.


Tom Hedberg
Hedberg Maps, Inc
1500 Jackson St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
tel: (800) 933-9686

Hedberg Maps, Inc is primarily a map publisher with over 60 titles in its catalog, but we also produce custom mapping for a variety of clients. Our specialties include large-scale mapping of campuses and downtowns, graphically sophisticated specialty mapping, and unusual compilations of data and imagery for the general public. We are always looking for new challenges.


Douglas G. Norgord
Geographic Techniques
203 W. Garfield Street
Mount Horeb, WI 53572
tel: (608) 437-7963

Geographic Techniques specializes in quality digital cartography, information graphics, custom mapping, and geographical research. Some of the services include maps and graphics for Web applications, posters, reports and presentations, GIS applications, as well as climatological, environmental, and locational research.


Carla Majernik
Routes and Mapping Department
Adventure Cycling Association
PO Box 8308
150 E. Pine St.
Missoula, MT 59807
tel: (406) 721-1776

Adventure Cycling Association's mission is to inspire people to travel by bicycle. One of the ways we do this is to produce route maps for both road bike and mountain bike touring. The Routes and Mapping Department has published over 25,000 miles of mapped routes and is continually adding to and updating our National Bicycle Route Network. We also design and produce bicycling-related custom maps for government agencies, organizations and events.


Paul J. Pugliese
General Cartography Inc.
220 MacFarland Drive, Suite 903
Delray Beach, Florida 33483
tel: (561) 455-4398

General Cartography Inc. (GCI) is a widely recognized map resource company, designing and producing maps and charts for print and electronic publication since 1968. Experienced in working closely with demanding authors and editors, and in meeting deadlines with quality work, GCI has produced maps and charts for such authors as Peter Mathesion, Walter Lord, Leon Uris, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Bill Bradley, James Clavell, and Tom Wicker. GCI maps are on permanent display at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and other exhibits around the world.

Paul Pugliese, President of GCI, was Chief Cartographer at Time Magazine for over twenty years. During this time he created over two thousand maps that appeared in Time Magazine and other Time publications. We specialize in providing maps and informational graphics at the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail with over thirty years experience in book, newspaper and magazine publishing.


Derek Tonn
220 South Burns Avenue
Springfield, MN 56087
tel: (507) 227-3338
fax: (206) 203-0411

Originally founded in 2000 under the name tonnhaus design, mapformation is a firm of ten designers which specializes in the development of city/area maps, campus maps and floor diagrams for use in print, signage and the World Wide Web. Colleges and universities are our primary clients, although we regularly complete projects for a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations. We also develop maps in vector, raster, hand-rendered and 360-degree/interactive formats. A member of NACIS since 2002, mapformation welcomes inquiries from prospective clients, as well as other design cartography firms looking for opportunities to partner on a variety of endeavors.


Louis (Lou) Cross, Creative Director
TSG Graphic Design
phone: (850) 570-3471

TSG cartographers specialize in balancing the art and science of map design by using the latest graphic software and GIS tools available to create custom high-quality maps for print and/or digital media.


Martin Gamache
Alpine Mapping Guild
6 Kenney St. #1
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

The Alpine Mapping Guild is a custom cartography company dedicated to producing quality maps to exacting standards. We publish our own topographic maps to various mountain ranges of the world as well a offering our map design expertise to clients. We have eperience in a wide variety of mapping from star and zoning atlases, to road and promotional maps.


Jonathan Wyss
Topaz Maps Inc.
PO Box 274
Watertown, MA 02471
tel: (617) 926-6209

Topaz Maps draws on many years of experience and custom cartographic tools to cover a broad range of map styles and scales, from color or black and white illustrations for books, guides and scientific publications, to geographic data processing, GIS, and cartographic database design. Topaz Maps Inc. is also a publisher of detailed recreation maps, including the Topaz Outdoor Travel series.


Will Pridham, Cartographer and Geomatics Specialist
Niblett Environmental Associates Inc.
tel: (705) 878-9399 x205


Andrew Schroeder, President/CEO
Cartography Online


Bryan Krouse 
bk designs
1006 E. Krall St.
Boise, ID 83712

bk designs is an independent consultancy specializing in the design and production of custom maps and graphics displaying complex spatial data. We are geographers and cartographers skilled in the full range of modern visualization technologies that emphasize precision, clarity and intuition. Our success is based in equal parts on these skills and the careful attention we give to our clients problems and objectives. Our energy, flexibility and focus allows us to provide timely and cost effective problem solutions.


Hans van der Maarel
Red Geographics
Zevenbergsepoort 44b
4791 AE Klundert
The Netherlands
tel: +31-168-401035
web: and

Red Geographics operates in the fields of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), geographical data, Spatial ETL, 3D visualisation and digital cartography, offering consultancy and training, performing data translation and transformation services as well as creating both 2D and 3D maps and visualisations. Our goal is to help our clients optimize the way they work with geographical data and information, thereby increasing gains from using this information. In addition to these services, we are also a distributor of several software products aimed at the GIS/Cartography market, such as FME, MAPublisher and Visual Nature Studio.


Hugo Ahlenius
Kraftriket 2B
SE10691, Stockholm
tel: +46-75-7575284

Nordpil specializes in first class custom map design, visual communication in the form of charts and diagrams and services in GIS and geoinformatics. We draw from expertise in working with global to local data and information, and have experience in research and working with scientific data sources. Additional services include training in visual communication and map design.


Michael F. Reagan
Maps by Mike Reagan
75 Jupiter Hills Drive
Weaverville, North Carolina 28787
tel: (828) 645-9942
fax: (828) 645-9942

I have been creating hand-painted illustrated maps for over thirty years. Among my clients are National Geographic, The New Yorker, Smithsonian, Audubon, Harpers, Outside Magazine. Please visit my website to see samples of my maps and illustrations.


Erin Greb
Erin Greb Cartography
203 Union Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
tel: (267) 415-4663

Erin Greb Cartography, based in Doylestown, PA, specializes in designing custom maps for print publications. Clients include travel guide publishers, university presses, and journals.


Kevin Putz, Design Director
Toolbox Inc.
180 N. Wabash Ave., Ste. 601
Chicago, Illinois 60601
tel: (312) 987-9711
fax: (312) 987-9829

The staff at Toolbox Inc. has been creating custom maps for local government and commercial real estate since 1993. We have nearly every street and building in the Chicago Central Business District at our fingertips. If you need a map from scratch for presentation purposes... we're the ones to make it. We also have a huge database of stock maps that can be customized for your every need. Clients include Cushman & Wakefield, CB Richard Ellis, The City of Chicago, Colliers, Bennett & Kahnweiler, J.F. McKinney & Associates, Parkway Properties, Eastdil Secured, Golub, Grubb & Ellis, Jones Lang LaSalle, The Prime Group, Hines and Holliday Fenoglio Fowler to name a few.


Will Fontanez, Director-Cartographic Design
SouthEast Cartography
3400 Long Hollow Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37938
tel: (865) 742-6088

SouthEast Cartography specializes in the design and production of custom high-quality maps for print and/or digital media using the latest graphics software and GIS tools available. Clients include book publishers, real estate companies, transit agencies, chambers of commerce, organizations, and individuals..


David Heyman, Manager
Axis Maps LLC.

Axis Maps is custom cartography for the digital age. We are recognized experts in both the traditions of cartography and the innovations of interactive media receiving numerous national awards for our pioneering work. Our strong foundation in the principles of design, our experiences working with a wide range of clients, and our insights from the latest cartographic research and usability testing allows us to build custom mapping products of the highest quality. We started in Madison WI and have expanded to include Boston MA, Monterey CA, Wiltshire UK, and Waco Texas.


Carticulate Maps
Kate Chanba
Matt Forrest

Articulate. Cartography.
Simply put: we make maps.
But our story goes much deeper than that.

We combine the worlds of information visualization and graphic design with the strong foundation of traditional cartographic principles to build maps that are dense and deep, yet clear and comprehensive. Our maps look to bring answers to complicated questions, tell detailed stories, entertain, and inform.
Maps have the power to move and influence and we know that red push pins can't tell every story. We bring a diverse skill set to the table - ranging from hand illustration to interactive data mashups, to complex digital animations. We have a strong appreciation for artistic quality as well as the technical knowledge to design dynamic digital cartography.
We want to help you organize, reshape, and articulate your world.


Sample Cartography
Sam Pepple

Eloquent maps and graphics from Sam Pepple. Email him to talk about your next map-based narrative; peruse his illustrious portfolio for inspiration.


Eagle Eye Maps, LLC
Francis Stanton

Eagle Eye Maps has provided many clients with quality and affordable mapmaking services for over 25 years. We produce custom maps for directories, guidebooks, atlases, advertisements, presentations, web sites and displays, and these maps include street and road (and indexes), political, thematic, recreation, and terrain. We also publish map art and bicycling maps ( We place a strong emphasis on excellent communication with our clients.


Emerald Cartography
William Jameson

My specialty is producing cartographic maps, particularly for orienteering purposes, but I have also produced park maps, and am capable of producing contour or non-contour maps of: 
· Parks
Forest areas
Small towns and villages
School and college campuses
Corporate campuses


Fernando J Sanchez Menendez, Chief Cartographer

Velazquez 138 B3 1C
Madrid 28006
tel: (+34) 91-45-1-45-90
webs:  (News & examples) (Main Company)

Est. in 1996, EOSGIS have been making cartography and providing GIS services for Engineering and publishers. We have focused specially in mapmaking using GIS data for books and magazines as for example:

· National Geographic (Historia National Geographic, Viajes National Geographic, Storica NG Italy),
· Viajar Magazine,
· GEO Magazine
· and many more aswell as REPSOL GUIDE,
· Books for Editorial SM, Santillana,..
· 3D terrain animations for TV...
· You can see examples on the website

Every map is adapted to the client needs and feelings in style adapting to any style of client's publishing needs.


George Stoll Maps
George Stoll
1124 Knollwood Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
tel: 847-948-7422

Over 20 years of experience in digital map production for both web and print, based on a solid foundation of traditional cartographic experience from topographic mapping for government organizations to reference and thematic mapping for the publishing industry.

Expertise in the development and production of maps in a wide range of fields such as:
  • reference
  • thematic
  • historical
  • topographic and recreational
  • travel and location

Mapping Solution
Cherie Northon, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 230329
Anchorage, AK   99523

tel: 907-561-4627

For over 30 years, Mapping Solutions has produced conventional and GIS maps, graphics, and imagery as powerful tools that can greatly enhance projects, reports, publications, and presentations. Mapping Solutions products have been used for modeling, analyzing, and displaying spatial data and information that are critical for problem solving, decision making, and management.  Their work has taken them through most of the worlds oceans from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, across the Pacific and Atlantic, around the Pacific Rim and Caribbean, into the Arctic and Antarctic, to East and Southeast Asia, and throughout the Mediterranean

Mapping Solutions can create custom maps and graphics for legal analysis and courtroom display,  environmental assessment and problem solving, spatial analysis of various data, event and facility management, transportation and parking planning, sales and marketing analysis, museum and exhibit display, intelligent signage and way-finding, book and report publication, and multi-lingual needs.  Besides creating custom maps, they teach cartography, map reading, GIS, and GPS; research and provide analytical reports on a variety of issues; produce multimedia presentations on diverse topics, lecture on a multitude of subjects, author and publish in many venues, develop curriculum in GIS, GPS and mapping, use photography for documentation of environmental and cultural change, and consult with clients about mapping, GIS, and other needs.


Nat Case
701 27th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

tel: 612-702-1333

INCase, LLC is an editorial and design group with a specialty in maps. With 25 years experience making maps, designing publications, and writing and editing text for a wide variety of clients, our goal is to "make sense" out of confusing topics and geographies. Cartographically, we specialize in maps of places: large-scale representations of urban centers, neighborhoods, campuses, historic areas, parks, etc. We make maps that reinforce and inform people's connection to the places they are. We also generally love research and design challenges, both historical and present-day, and delight in making underlying geodata accessible and comprehensible.


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